Marketing | 04 MIN READ

Bannerflow: Winter Olympic banner insights

With the Winter Olympics now over, here at Bannerflow we thought we’d share a few insights into how display advertising performed during the games. Appropriately, we’ll focus a littl...
Design | 04 MIN READ

Best banner ads: a spotlight on remarkable advertising

The best banner ads are a combination of different elements.  In the simplest of terms, great online advertising not only needs to capture a viewer’s attention but get them to click-t...
Marketing | 05 MIN READ

What the hell is GDPR? What advertisers need to know

If you don’t have a plan for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) then hurry up – the clock is ticking. And if you have no clue as to what I’m talking about either then read on,...
Design | 10 MIN READ

How to build responsive banner ads with HTML5

In this article we explain why HTML5 responsive banners are a must for all digital advertisers. In particular, with an ever greater number of devices, and platforms to cater for, being able...
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