Marketing | 05 MIN READ

Banners aren’t dead, they’ve just evolved

‘Aren’t banners dead!?’ It’s a question we hear time and time again. In fact, if the literature from 2015 is to be believed, then they’ve been dead for quite some time. But if you...
Inside Bannerflow | 04 MIN READ

Top 10 Bannerflow hacks for ad creation

In this blog we list what we believe are the top 10 Bannerflow hacks for ad creation. The Bannerflow team are always looking for new ways we help our customers and improve our creative man...
Marketing | 07 MIN READ

5 ways to improve your ad click–through rate

Think improving your click–through rate (CTR) is all about design? That’s where you’re wrong. The average internet user is served 1,700 banner ads per month. We’ve all heard the stat...
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