Marketing | 07 MIN READ

5 ways to improve your ad click–through rate

Think improving your click–through rate (CTR) is all about design? That’s where you’re wrong. The average internet user is served 1,700 banner ads per month. We’ve all heard the stat...
Marketing | 07 MIN READ

All you need to know to A/B test your display ads

A/B testing is the method of choice when optimising a range of digital material but do you know how to do it correctly? Many marketers are guilty of doing it wrong or not doing it all. Wheth...
Marketing | 05 MIN READ

Display advertising insights: FIFA World Cup 2018

Display advertising insights for the 2018 FIFA World Cup have the potential to prove fascinating. Here at Bannerflow, we will be reviewing the impact of the World Cup on display advertising...
Marketing | 06 MIN READ

7 tips to create your most effective landing page

Your landing page should always be at the forefront of your mind, despite being the final step of your advertising campaign. Producing a landing page that converts can sometimes be a challen...
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