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10 Creative Christmas Advertising Campaign Ideas

For many, the beginning of December marks the start of the Christmas period. If you haven’t started planning your Christmas advertising campaigns already, now is the time to start. Getting your Christmas advertising campaigns out in good time is essential in order to make the most of the festive season. This post has brought together some creative Christmas advertising campaign ideas to help inspire you to create your best Christmas campaign yet!


 1. Stanford Bookstore

Stanford bookstore christmas banner ad with red baubles

Credit: Stanford University Bookstore

This banner from Stanford bookstore embraces traditional design through using colors and images that are strongly related to Christmas. The clever aspect of this Christmas advertisement is that each bauble offers something different with different target URLs leading to different webpages. This gives viewers the opportunity to choose what they want to visit.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Christmas banner ad with Santa

Credit: Coca-Cola, found at

The theme of Coca Cola’s Christmas advertising campaign this year is ‘#makesomeonehappy’. In this banner advertisement, we can see this theme presented. The simplicity of the white images and logo on red the red background is not only Christmassy but can be instantly distinguished as an advertisement from Coca-Cola. The added social media element of the hashtag included in the design is a great way to make your advertising go further than the banner as it encourages customers to get involved on social media.

 3. Lidl

Lidl Christmas banner ad with food Swedish

Credit: Lidl

This Christmas advertising campaign from Lidl is traditional in design. The text on the banner says ‘A luxurious Christmas doesn’t need to cost more! See for yourself…’. This text invites users to hover their mouse over the banner, which then reveals the supermarkets Christmas magazine showcasing their products. This is an interesting way to make your banners more interactive and exciting for viewers.

4. Burberry

Burberry Christmas banner ad with Brooklyn Beckham

Credit: Burberry, found at

Nothing gets your Christmas advertising campaign media attention like a celebrity endorsement. This Christmas banner from Burberry features none other than David Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham in his modeling debut.  Despite Burberry products being the central focus of the banner, we can clearly see that this is a Christmas advertisement from the subtle use of snowflakes in the background and the tagline ‘with love’ which is often associated with gift giving.


ASOS Christmas banner ad with women in party dress

Credit: ASOS, found at:

Internet clothing store ASOS demonstrates that they clearly know their target audience in this Christmas advertising campaign. The focus of this ad is that Christmas is the party season and they are marketing this towards those you would want new outfits for the occasion. Although there is perhaps too much text on the ad, and the call to action is very small, ASOS have managed to create a fun take on the Christmas advertising campaign.

6. IBM ExperienceOne

IBM Christmas banner ad with a parcel

Credit: IBM, found at

In their Christmas campaign, IBM shows that Christmas adverts can be created for business products too. Their simple, informative banner incorporates Christmas design whilst remaining professional.

7. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Christmas banner advert with diamond rings

Credit: Tiffany & Co., found at

Tiffany & Co. use the iconic wintry setting of a snowy New York for their Christmas advertising campaign. A combination of the beautifully photographed jewelry with the picturesque background gives it a feeling of luxury. The simplicity of the banner ad allows Tiffany & Co. to drawn on their strength as a brand, recognizable by all.

8. Starbucks

Starbuck's share the joy Christmas banner ad with red cups

Credit: Starbucks, found at

Starbucks is well-known for their drinks range at Christmas. This Christmas advertisement from Starbucks using playful images and the tagline ‘Share Joy’ embraces the idea of Christmas.

9. KitKat

Kit Kat Christmas ad example with Santa beard on chair

Credit: Nestlé

This Christmas advertisement from KitKat uses their well-known slogan ‘take a break’ to create a fun Christmas advertising campaign.  There’s no need to say more – its a campaign that simply works.

 10. Pizza Hut

Domino's Christmas advert with slice of pizza Christmas tree

There are plenty of Christmas advertising campaigns that put a twist on the Christmas tree. One example of this is this Christmas advertisement from Domino’s that uses a pizza slice as a Christmas tree on a simple red background. This ad shows that you can create effective Christmas advertisements without the need for a much text.

Final Thoughts

All of these Christmas advertising campaigns are very different in their construction, showing that there is no ‘one way’ to create a successful Christmas advertising campaign. However, some points might be helpful to help you think of designs for your banners:

  • Use imagery and colors that are associated with the holidays so that viewers can identify that this is your Christmas campaign.
  • Play on your strengths – showcase the strengths of your brand in your banner design.
  • Know your audience. What do they want at this time of year? How can you deliver this in your campaigns?
  • It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, any business can create an appropriate Christmas online advertising campaign.
  • Think beyond the banner! What will make your banner design special and stand out? Use social media or interactivity on your banner for extra sparkle.
  • Make sure that you get your Christmas online advertising campaign up and running at the start of the Christmas season, this will mean that your campaigns will get the most exposure during the season and your campaign will naturally be more successful.

However you decide to build your Christmas online campaign, good luck, and we wish you all the best with your campaigns!

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