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3 Challenges of publishing Display Ad Campaigns (and how Bannerflow solves them)

The way we publish content, has changed radically over the past 700 years, from the invention of the printing press to the development of content management solutions such as WordPress, humans are always trying to find new and easy ways of getting the content we create out to the world.

But when it comes to publishing display advertising campaigns the story is a little different. For many advertisers, publishing a display advertising campaign is slow, inflexible and can have a negative impact on the performance of the campaign, and has changed little since the inception of banner ads more than twenty years ago.

However, publishing your display advertising can be fast, flexible and easy when you have the right tools and workflows in place. Continue reading to see an exploration of the biggest challenges when it comes to publishing, and how to solve them with BannerFlow.

Challenge 1: Approving Campaigns is Slow and Painful

During your display ad campaign process, collaborating with designers, copywriters, and translators can be difficult, and getting the final approval so that you can start publishing campaigns can be a real hassle. Especially if that involves sending emails full of files backward and forwards to different people.  It leaves a lot of room for confusion, delays, and mistakes.

BannerFlow removes all of the problems associated with campaign approval. Rather than working with files and email, you work with banner tags and can conduct all communications related to your campaigns within the platform.  You simply need to authorise the other people you need at an appropriate level (so translators can’t change the design, for example), and when you need them to take action, they will be notified. They just need to go into the system and do what you need them to do, without the usual back and forth and endless email chains.

BannerFlow believes in helping you to get more customers whilst making digital marketing easier. Therefore you’ll find that when you’re working with BannerFlow you do not need to work with heavy files during your banner approval, or during publishing. Instead, BannerFlow simply uses links in order to make the approval process and publication process a lot easier.

Challenge 2: Changing or Updating Your Campaigns is Basically Impossible

Aside from being a logistical nightmare, once your banners have been uploaded to your publishing platforms and maybe even gone live, making any changes to your creatives is basically impossible without making a huge impact on team productivity. Updating your banner ads with visuals and translations, or worse, noticing a mistake after publishing, can be one of the most painful experiences for an online marketer. It involves taking the banners down from the publishers’ sites, making manual changes to each and every individual banner, and republishing.

With BannerFlow, you go into your campaign page, make the changes or send off for translation within the program, and all changes are then uploaded automatically. No need to republish, it’s just a case of saving your work, and then the changes are pushed for everyone else to see. What’s more is that BannerFlow allows teams to comment on and approve banner ads, making it a lot easier for teams to work together effectively.

Challenge 3: Trying to Publish on Your Chosen Platform is a Total Nightmare

When it comes to actually getting your display ads uploaded to your chosen ad networks and publishing platforms the process can be a real headache. Not only do your need to manually upload all of your display ads , but some banner creation platforms or networks have certain restrictions or processes users are required to follow in order to use them, adding time to your campaign process.

However, the process works a lot smoother with BannerFlow. BannerFlow wants you to be able to connect to your audience, wherever they are, and this is why we give you the capabilities to publish on over 70 different networks, rather than forcing you to choose from a handful. So, whether you are using one publishing platform or a dozen, you can always use BannerFlow to get your campaign to your audience.

How to Publish Your Campaigns With BannerFlow

Bannerflow flowchart image

BannerFlow offers two different ways to publish your campaigns, both of which are a lot easier that working with the ‘traditional process’.

Publishing With Banner Tags

You can easily publish your display advertising campaigns to more than 70 different advertising networks and publishing platforms online using banner tags. This means that you can connect to your audience wherever they are online, without being forced into a specific platform, allowing you to target your potential customers more effectively.  With BannerFlow, all banner tags can be exported with an integration tracking macro implemented in the embed code, just to make your life easier.

Direct Publishing

Alternatively, you can use Bannerflow’s Direct Publishing option.  Publish all your banners in a banner set to your chosen advertising network, affiliate platform or programmatic platform in just a few clicks. You no longer need to manually upload and manage banner tags, making publishing your campaigns faster and easier than ever before.

Next Step? Change Your Workflow and See Results

If you are tired of how your current campaign publishing process is working and want to more to a better workflow that not only removes the pain of publishing but enables you to create and manage your display campaigns, let us show you how with a personalised demo of the Bannerflow solution.

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