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360° Banners – How They Work In Bannerflow

For a long time, online advertising was stuck in a rut. In the years after the first banner ad was published, there were a lot of people advertising who had more nefarious intentions. The intrusive, annoying banners were everywhere. The ones saying you could win an iPod if you click through, or ads disguised as message inboxes. It wasn’t just the bad design and misrepresentation that were the negatives either, as a lot of these ads were strongly associated with malware and viruses infecting computers.

This gave rise to the situation as it is today. There are more people using ad blockers than ever, which websites are trying to combat with reasoned arguments, and also the issue of banner blindness. So what’s the best way to combat all of this? The publishers, the ones who need to host ads to generate income, are making the convincing argument that the advertisements pay for their staff to write the content which people consume for free. Advertisers need to play a part too. They need to make banner ads interesting again, and we can help with that.

We always want to be at the cutting edge of advertising technology, so we’re in the process of making a 360° widget, so you will be able to make fully interactive, immersive banners like this one.

You might think you need special equipment to create something like this, but it’s as simple as using an app on your iPhone or Android device and creating a 360° image. Alternatively, you can use a GoPro setup, some of which are specifically designed for filming 360° video, and then you upload the footage you have filmed to YouTube. From there, you can use that URL in the Bannerflow widget, then your users will be able to use the mouse to explore the scene. For the YouTube videos, motion sensing doesn’t work yet, but when it comes to using the 360° widget, users will be able to tilt their phones in any direction, and look around within the banner with the image you have created. It’s done using gyroscopic sensors which are in every modern smartphone, and fully immerses the user in the experience.

It will be incredibly simple to implement these images into your banner adverts. It’s an extremely complicated process of course, but Bannerflow does all of the hard work for you. All you need to do is follow these steps, and you’ll have a 360° Banner Ad ready to go in 10 minutes:

  1. Create a new banner and choose your preferred size
  2. Select the 360° widget in the Marketplace in the Banner Builder and drag to the canvas
  3. Paste your link to the widget
  4. Set preferred settings for the widget
  5. Save the banner

Ready to be published!

You can have the video take up the entire canvas, or a small section of it, it just depends which works best for your campaign.

The main decision now is how to use it. It’s great for offering the user a unique experience, so think about what that could mean for your business. A real estate company could use the technology to offer tours of buildings. Holiday companies to take their audience to faraway beaches or five star hotels. You just need to make it relevant, and make it memorable.

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