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4 reasons your ads convert better with Bannerflow

After learning what can kill your conversion, as well as ways to make it improve, it’s now time to look at how BannerFlow can help improve your conversion rates. This is one of the most vital parts of any display ad campaign, so it should be a priority of any marketer to learn how to do it more effectively and efficiently. Within the BannerFlow tool, there are a number of features which are designed specifically for this purpose, and now it’s time to go through them.

1. A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the cornerstones of any successful banner ad campaign, but it isn’t always that easy to do effectively. It all depends on the platform you’re using to create and publish your ads. However, with BannerFlow, it couldn’t be easier. Firstly, it’s extremely easy to create two different versions of the same banner, as you just use the first as a template and make the minor alterations. Then you just need to use the scheduling tool to push them both at the same time, for a certain period.

From there, you can get real time analysis on which one is performing the best. If one is the clear winner, then you can just remove the alternative which is underperforming. If they’re both similar, then maybe you want to make changes to one of them to see if the difference is more clear. Again, with BannerFlow this is incredibly easy, as you can edit the banner and the changes are made automatically, without the need to republish the ad.

A/B testing is the key to analysing and improving conversion, and using BannerFlow you have all the info you need in just a few clicks.

2. Real Time Updates

As mentioned briefly in the section about A/B testing, one major strength of BannerFlow is the fact that it allows real time updates. This means that if one of your ads is underperforming, or a CTA (call to action) just isn’t getting the clicks, you can go into the platform, make a quick edit, and save. This is then pushed out automatically, almost instantly, without you having to republish via your network.

This also makes it incredibly easy to correct minor mistakes, or to update your banner if you feel you need to better your offer. If you’re doing this consistently, your engagement is only going to increase, and your conversion will rise. So, great results, with a few moments worth of work.

3. Interactive Banners

Utilising interactive elements on your banners is known to have a positive effect on conversion, but making a HTML5 banner fully interactive can be quite a difficult task. If you’re building the ads with more traditional methods, you need to be skilled in coding, as well as having a great eye for design. Alternatively, you outsource one of these components, but then you’re looking at additional costs.

BannerFlow takes all of the pain out of this whole process. You don’t need any coding skills, and making your banner fully interactive is as simple as using one of our widgets or templates. From there, you simply create your banner as you usually would, which again is as easy as dragging and dropping on to the canvas, and then the interactivity is there for you to test. The interactive element can be anything from making a cube out of your banner, to turning it into a scratchcard.

You shouldn’t include interactivity just for the sake of it, but if it works with your campaign, you should give it a go. It does improve conversion and engagement, and with BannerFlow, implementing it couldn’t be easier.

4. Unique, Customised Banners

Of course, BannerFlow itself has a full suite of fonts and graphical assets ready for you to use. If you really need to stand out from the crowd though, you can upload and use your own custom fonts. These are added to your library too, so once they’re in there, they stay there. This is great if you have a specific font which you use for all your other branding, as you need your banner campaigns to align with the rest of your brand’s style guidelines.


These are just a few of the ways that BannerFlow can help increase your ad conversion, and all while making the entire production process painless. If you want to find out more, book a demo today.

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