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4 Reasons Why Advertisers Need to use Programmatic Creatives

Programmatic ad buying offers more opportunities to be creative. The development of programmatic ad buying has launched inventory buying into the 21st century. However, when it comes to production, display ads are still in 1994. Ok, so we might have moved on a little since the first banner ad, but the creative processes that are required to build display advertising campaigns are still very much the same as they were in 1994 – and remain about as slow as the internet was back then.

Learn how you can launch your display advertising campaigns into the 21st century, save time and see better results by building programmatic creatives. I have identified 4 key reasons as to why you should be building programmatic creatives, and how they will help you to build better display advertising campaigns.

What are Programmatic Creatives?

Programmatic creatives are display advertisements that have been built using a programmatic ad production platform, i.e. built in a platform that largely automates display ad production. Programmatic ad creation platforms automatically perform time-consuming tasks such as reproducing an ad in different sizes and translations of ads. Programmatic ad production also gives the possibility to do updates on the fly and build ads quickly without any need for coding.

The area of programmatic advertising is still ripe for development, and there is still a lot of discussion for what the term might include. However, it has quickly been established that there is a need to build display ads in a better way, more automated way.

1. Targeted Advertising = More Ads

If you look at the way that marketing is developing you will see that the current trends move towards personal, targeted messages that embrace story telling. There is very much a move away from mass generalised advertising, which is often associated with programmatic advertising.  With other branches of digital marketing embracing targeted advertising, why is online display advertising still practising this outdated trend of building display ads that are not targeted to their audience?

Therefore when building on online display advertising campaign it is not just an issue of building one creative in the different sizes required. In order to use programmatic ad buying to its full potential advertisers need to build a variety of different display ads which offer a targeted message.

This means that in order for advertisers to be able to take full advantage of programmatic advertising there is a need to build more creatives to fit the different buyer personas. Think about content marketing, one of the core principles is that your write for your target buyer groups, or buyer personas. This concept should now be applied to programmatic advertising.

2. Real-Time Advertising

Programmatic ad buying for the most part happens in real-time. Real-time marketing is nothing new, marketers and advertisers are already running campaigns in real-time thanks to social media. Naturally advertisers will want to take advantage of advertising in real-time where possible. Real-time campaigns are effective in a social media context because it is quick and easy to do. This is not the case for display advertising as it can take hours to build a creative by doing it manually. Programmatic creatives offer the possibility to make real-time updates and make changes on the fly enabling advertisers to take advantage of unexpected marketing opportunities.

A great example of advertisers doing this already in the context of TV can be seen on the Weather Channel as explained in a recent case study.

3. Level Playing-Field = Creativity Rules

In his Adweek Article, Jeff Green CEO of theTradeDesk, explained how programmatic ad buying creates a level playing field for advertisers. He discussed that programmatic makes more difficult for advertisers to have successful advertising campaigns solely based on big money spend. This means that the display ad itself (assuming your are targeting correctly) will decide the fate of your advertising campaign, pushing a need for better quality and more innovative design. With this in mind, designers will want to focus their time on design and innovation, instead of spending time on reproducing sizes of banners or creating translations. Programmatic creative production offers designers the chance to delegate time-consuming tasks to programmatic ad production platforms, therefore enabling them to focus on the creative elements of display ad production.

4. Creativity isn’t Business-Compatible

Creativity is slow, expensive and unreliable. It cannot be quantified, yet it is essential for any advertising (or business) effort to succeed. Therefore, why should business and agencies waste this rare, valuable and expensive resource on work that can easily be delegated to a robot counterpart? Programmatic ad production solutions allow businesses to optimize their use of creative resources by using programmatic ad production platforms which will produce higher productivity and better results.

Final Thoughts: Creativity Needs to be Programmatic

Today’s advertisers have been left in the awkward position of having access to powerful media buying technology, yet not able to create the amount of display ads that are needed to take advantage of programmatic ad buying technology.

A large portion of building a display advertising creative isn’t creative. The traditional display advertisement building process involves a lot of manual copying and pasting work as well as other slow processes. In my opinion this is one reason why display advertising creatives have lagged behind in terms of innovation.

In order for programmatic ad buying to be successful it is necessary for brands and agencies to:

  • Build targeted display advertising creatives to cater for all buyer groups;
  • Take advantage of the real-time nature of programmatic buying by utilising real-time advertising;
  • Put a greater focus on building creative and innovative display ads
  • Use a programmatic ad production platform to build display ad creatives flexibly and quickly.

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