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5 E-Commerce Display Advertising Tips

Display advertising is a great way to promote your e-commerce business. A well designed display ad can generate a lot of clicks as well as build awareness for you brand. This post looks at some of the main points to think about when creating a display ad for your online business and includes examples of banners that we think have really hit the mark.

1. Take beautiful photos

In your display advert design, your products should be the star of the show. To make sure that this is the case, your products should be photographed well and look professional. Well-photographed products will not only look great on your display advertisements but also look professional in your e-commerce store.

To create professional photos for your display advertising campaigns, you don’t need to have an expensive camera or years of experience. However, some preparation and care taken in taking in your photos will produce high-quality results.

Here are three tips for taking professional photos for your e-commerce display advertising campaigns:

  • Take photographs in a room with good lighting.
  • Place products on white background for a very professional effect, or place them “in situ” in an appropriate setting.
  • Use a tripod, or make your own, to ensure that your photos are stable.

Fab ecommerce banner ad with colorful furniture

Credit: Fab, found at Elements of Design

Although this banner is crowded with products, it is clear to see that each of the products has been photographed well on a white background. There are no unsightly shadows on the products. They are displayed well and the colours of the products are bright and eye-catching.

Ecommerce banner ad Joss & Main furniture sale

Credit: Joss & Main, found at Elements of Design

Here is a good example of products photographed “in situ” that has been done well. The e-commerce business that this display advertisement is advertising is clearly a home interior store. The products are placed well together with good lighting and clean, neutral colours have been used that compliment each other. This DIY guide to product photography by floship is a great blog on how to taking professional product images.

2. Display enticing promotions

Display advertising campaigns can be very effective if they include a good promotion that viewers will want to take advantage of. Using promotions in your display advertising design can encourage viewers to click-through, and buy something. By planning your display advertising campaigns around events such as sales you can offer deals that you think viewers will want to take advantage of. Companies such as Apple are excellent at writing enticing copy.

You can show off your promotions on your display advertisements in the copy on your banner design, or on the call-to-action button.Three examples below show different ways that e-commerce stores have included promotions into their display advertising campaigns:

Walmart e-commerce banner ad showing steamboost

Credit: Walmart, found at Moat

This display advertisement from Walmart focuses on the copy. The large, bold text is simple and eye-catching.


Ebay e-commerce banner ad with tech sale

Credit: eBay , found at Moat

In this banner, eBay has put “50%” in large letting and in red for extra emphasis. A strong call-to-action button has been used so viewers know exactly what to do next.

3. Show off more with dynamic content

Whilst you shouldn’t clutter your display advertisements with too many image elements, it is understandable that you may want to display more than one or two of your products. By using dynamic content and dynamic ads you can feed live data to your banners to show your product inventory, or latest prices, for example.


4. Use colour wisely

In you display advertising campaigns for your e-commerce store, you can embrace the concept of “colour psychology” to improve click-through rates and conversions. Colour psychology is the science of how colour affects human behaviour. Colour can often have a huge effect on human emotions, and display advertisers can use this to optimise their campaigns. Some believe that the impact of colour on consumers is so large that up to 90% of a customers’ opinion of a product is determined purely by the colour of it.

Here are four tips to using colour effectively is display advertising campaigns:

  • Blue is a safe colour to work with, both men and women find blue an appealing colour, this is a good colour use if you want to appeal to the masses.
  • Yellow isn’t usual a good colour to use in your campaigns, as it often indicates danger or a warning, rather than something positive.
  • Red can mean powerful and passionate, and it is the colour that consumers associate with sales, promotions or discounts, so red is good colour to use in your display advertising campaigns to show that you are offering a promotion or discount.

Of course, the effect of different colours on your target audience should be tested to see how they work in your industry. The best way to do this is through A/B testing.

5. Target your banners

Display advertising that is relevant to your audience will receive more click-throughs. The best way to create relevant display advertising campaigns for your e-commerce store is to think about who your ideal customers are. Do this by creating a customer profile for each of the types of customer. Your ideal customers might have different profiles, so in order to get the most out of your digital display campaigns, you should create advertisements that fit each of your customer profiles.

Further, if your business is operating in several different countries or language regions, it is recommended to create display advertisements in a number of different languages and variations to fit these regions.

Below are some examples of how clothing giant J. Crew targets different types of customers using display advertising variations.

J crew banner ad e-commerce sale women's clothing

This example of display advertising is clearly aimed at women…

J Crew e-commerce banner ad men's fashion

… where as this one is targeted at men, and those who would be interested in shopping at discounted factory outlet stores.

J Crew e-commerce banner ad wedding couple

Here is another example aimed at those looking for wedding and party clothes. In these display advertising examples, J. Crew has shown that they understand different segments of their market, and are advertising specifically to them, rather than just doing one general display advertisement to advertise the e-commerce part of their business.

Summary: Useful points to think about

Creating effective display advertising campaigns for e-commerce businesses can be done by following some design tips. Some main points to take away from this post are:

  • Well photographed products will give your e-commerce business a more professional impression and she off your inventory well.
  • Including promotions in your copy or button on your display advertisement will make viewers want to click.
  • Using advanced features such as dynamic content can make your banners more attractive and appealing to your target audiences
  • The use of colour can have an effect on your viewers, this effect can be either positive or negative.
  • Targeting your banners can help improve your click-through rate and generate high-quality leads by advertising specifically to your ideal customers. This is particularly effective if you have a diverse customer base.

Have you got any tips when it comes to designing display advertising campaigns for e-commerce businesses? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation Twitter: @Bannerflow!

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