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5 Ways to Choose the Right Advertising Network

Choosing the right advertising network is an important step in running successful display advertising campaigns. This article is will show you 5 of the best ways through which you as a business-minded person can choose an advertising network that perfectly suits your organisation’s goals. By following the step below in a holistic manner you will know what you want from an advertising network, make better decisions and ultimately run better display advertising campaigns.

1. Who is Your Target Audience?

This is a very important and necessary question that you should ask yourself first before choosing an advertising network. You must first know the number of people that you wish to reach with your display ads. Knowing the number of people that your want to reach with your advertising will help you to be certain on which network will be able to reach that volume of people. When your target audience is a large global one it is essential to choose an advertising network that has the reach you require. However, if your audience is located in a specific geographical region then choose an advertising network that specialises in that region.

When defining your target audience build different buyer personas to identify the different types of people you want to reach with your display ads.  There are two main types of population within display advertising namely; the general population and the niche or specific population. All that each of these means is that you can either reach some specific people with a particular ad network or you can also choose to go with an ad network that allows you to reach anybody with your display advertising. When you know the target range of a particular network, you can then compare it with the people that you want to reach in order to choose the one that helps you fulfill your goals.

2. Weigh-up the Positives and Negatives

This is the next step to take when choosing a display ad network. Since there are a lot of display ad networks available, it is very important that you look at what each of these display adverting networks offer you before commit to one. Opting for a particular ad network means that you have entered into a partnership with them and in terms of business dealings, it is always vital that you know your partner very well.

3. Pricing Structure

When choosing an advertising network you should be familiar with the pricing structure of that particular network. You should not only take into consideration the pricing model but the differences in pricing between different networks. The cost of running a campaign via a network will depend greatly on the network itself. Expect to pay more for networks that have access to premium spaces on premium websites, however, you might also profit more from using such networks.

4. User Experience

This deals with the operating of your display advertising account that you have on a particular ad networking site and your user experience. There are ad networks that help you with all that you need in relation to optimizing your account for you and there are also those that leave everything in your hands. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you feel you need to work with a network that offers a high level or support or not. However, bear in mind that such service comes at a cost.

5. Network Features

This is one major thing that you should also take note of before choosing an ad network as each of the various ad networks offer different features. Ad networks like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and many others have their own unique tools that they offer to a particular user and it depends on you the individual to pick that one that helps you to achieve your targets.

These are the steps that you can follow in choosing an ad network to partner with in your line of business. Equipping yourself with this vital piece of information will help you to make an informed decision with regards to picking a display advertising network that gives you all that you need to make your business a success.

Final Thoughts: Research is Key

The key to choosing the right advertising network is to do your research. You should research your own business needs as well as the advertising networks themselves and keep the following things in mind:

  • Define your target audience and identify they networks that will reach them;
  • List the positives and negatives of each network to find the one the fits your needs;
  • Get familiar with advertising network price structure to find one that will enable you to reach your business goals;
  • Try out different networks, if possible, or research the user experience of different networks;
  • Research the different features that you need and identify the networks that have these features;
  • BannerFlow integrates with 50+ networks giving you the freedom you need to reach your audience.
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