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7 daily things we do to strengthen company culture

People make a company. Company culture is more than just a phrase spouted by business gurus that want to “get down” with millennials. Company culture is more than just a ‘good-to-have’ concept that can only be achieved by those, like Google, who pioneered it.

Building a great company culture is important, and we know it. When Hubspot released their culture code slides, more than a million people viewed them and used them for inspiration. Many businesses like Uberflip, Mailchimp and significant others, have website sections dedicated to company culture. And these aren’t just tools for capturing the interest of future employees (although it does help!); these are values that companies live by. At Bannerflow, we take it so seriously that even our CEO has weighed-in on the subject.

For Bannerflow, culture is central to everything we do. We truly believe that working to build a strong company culture is good for business and good for our customers. But company culture is more than just a set of slides or a bunch of glossy pictures on a homepage. A great company culture can’t be bought, it is something that needs to be worked on every day.

These are the things that we do every day to help us build a stronger company culture, bring our team together and ultimately work better and harder for our customers.

1. Saying hello and goodbye

It might sound simple, but it’s important to us that we take the time to connect with each other at some point in the day. The Bannerflow office is a fast-paced environment and our team is growing rapidly, so sometimes it can be hard to have a conversation with everyone, every day. Saying a quick hello and goodbye every day is a great way just to keep connected with everyone, especially to those we don’t work with on a daily basis.

2. Celebrate everything

We love to celebrate. There is no better feeling for us than celebrating a sale, a deploy or a customer success story. Celebrating success and hard work is acknowledging our progress and the hard work that goes into everything we do.

3. Music throughout the day

Sometimes the delivery guy remarks that the Bannerflow office sounds like a party when they step in to drop off a parcel. That’s because our whole office is hooked up to a sound system. We love music and music is good for us. It helps us to feel good, feel happy and be productive. When we feel happier, we can help our clients feel happier too.

4. Eating lunch together

Eating lunch together for us is important, even though we might not realise it. We prefer to sit at long tables together rather than sitting hunched over our desk watching Youtube videos. Lunch times give us an excellent chance to catch up with each other and spend time together, as a ‘family’. Whether we’re talking about what we did at the weekend or sharing creative ideas, lunch is always lively here.

5. Taking time to be creative

Being creative in business is important, and we take the time to do this every day. All of our meetings include original twists and turns. Some of us love to stand around a blank wall with a stack of post-it notes while others like to scribble on notepads. Through being creative in everything we do we can not only develop Bannerflow in an innovative way, but we can also solve problems more efficiently.

6. Sharing

We share a lot at Bannerflow, whether it’s new, ideas, and importantly knowledge. We are a group of incredibly talented people with a lot of knowledge, and we want to make sure that everyone can access ideas and develop personally too. Sharing is truly caring.

7. Having fun

Finally, we have a lot of fun in everything that we do. We play as hard as we work. This is important in bringing our teams together and making sure that we work better together as a company. We have fun in a lot of different ways; playing Xbox, or maybe table tennis, sitting down for Wednesday fika or hanging out over beers on a Friday.

Fun is at the core of our culture and helps us work better with our customers. Working on the small things each day helps us to build towards the bigger picture, working as a team.

Alone you can go faster, together we can go further.

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