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7 Ways To Engage Consumers With Display Ads This Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning your display advertising campaigns. Valentine’s day means big ad campaigns for many brands, so make sure that your brand is ready for the most romantic day of the year! Whilst February 14 is a romantic day for many, retailers understand that consumers are still keeping their budgets tight when it comes to gift buying this holiday. In 2014 the average Valentine’s spend for consumers in the US was just a little under $134 per person, so the competition for businesses to win those dollars is tough.

We’ve put together 7 different ways that you can use display advertisements to engage with consumers this February.

1. Romantic Design

Perhaps it goes without saying, but incorporating romantic design into your Valentine’s Day display ads can be a great way engage with your audience. Traditional motifs for Valentine’s Day are well-known and recognized by all, there is no harm in taking advantage of this in order to engage with viewers. With around a quarter of consumers buying Valentine’s gifts online, consumers will be on the look out for Valentine’s Day offers and ideas, and there is no better way to catch someone’s eye than with a stunning romantic design.

2. Love HTML5 Ads

As more and more of us turn to mobile devices for shopping, and around 24% of us researching Valentine’s Day gifts using smartphones, it is crucial that you engage with customers using these devices. The number one way to ensure this is by making sure that your display ads are created using HTML5 rather than Flash that can’t be viewed on mobile devices. Further, you should think ‘mobile first’ when designing Valentine’s day display ads for mobile as many designs that might look great on a big screen, but not so effective on a mobile screen. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML5 or don’t have the time to create display ads to fit all different sizes of mobile screen, make sure that you use the right HML5 automated ad production tool to do all the hard work for you.

3. Valentine’s Offers

Starbucks Valentine's day display ad with mug and red background

You display advertising campaign should offer something special for Valentine’s day. If you’re not in the flowers or gift business you might need to use your imagination to come up with something people will find exciting. Take the Starbucks ad above, for example. Essentially Starbucks is offering buy one get one free on coffee on a specific day, however, the phrasing of the text makes it very Valentine’s centric, especially the sharing element.

4. Offer Them Something

Valentine’s day can be a great way to show your current customers or regular visitors to your website that you love them! By using retargeting campaigns and an offer that is Valentine’s day specific you can bring visitors and customers back to your site and give them something they want!

5. Be On Trend

Include current market trends and prices so that your display ads will look even more attractive. If Valentine’s is one of your mains sales events, then make sure that your display ads are always updated with the most competitive pricing which can be achieved with real-time updates- instantly.

Fall in love with Kindle Valentine's Day display ad

This display ad from Amazon has taken a popular and current product, their Kindle eReader and given it a Valentine’s Day twist. Amazon could have picked anything from their huge inventory of stock to advertise, but they have clearly chosen this product specifically because it is on trend (and because it is one of their flagship products).

6. Personalize your Display Ads

Add a personal touch to your display advertisements by using dynamic content and feeded ads. Show products that are relevant to viewers.  Even consider creating a specific web feed to create a collection of Valentine’s themed products for you to display in your ads.

7. Create Valentine’s Landing Pages

Ralph Lauren Valentine's Day landing page with clothing gifts

If you’ve created Valentine’s Day display ads but you direct all traffic to your homepage you’re going to find yourself with a high bounce rate, and your Valentine’s day campaigns will be a flop! The best way to avoid visitors bouncing is by creating specific landing pages for your Valentine’s Day campaign. This Ralph Lauren landing page is only showing Valentine’s themed products and has a clear romantic theme. This keeps visitors focused on why they are there and will encourage them to buy. Make sure you keep your design, copy and call to action consistent with your display ads and make the sole purpose of your landing page of converting visitors. Keep in mind general landing page best practices too.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a great time to run display ad campaigns in order to push sales or delight your current customers.  But keep in mind that you should make sure that your campaigns are relevant and well planned:

  • Create a romantic atmosphere by using a design that viewers can see is related to Valentine’s Day.
  • Offer something special this Valentine’s Day and show it in your display ad. Whether you offer something to be bought as a gift or for the customer themselves, make it an exciting offer that people will want to take advantage of.
  • Use marketing trends to keep competitive.
  • Make sure you’re using the right tool to create HTML5 display ad with dynamic content, and of course landing pages.

How are you planning to engage with consumers this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation with @Bannerflow on Twitter.

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