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8 Tips to Improve your Advertising Pitch

Anyone working in an advertising agency will tell you that acquiring new business and winning more clients into your advertising web is not always an easy affair. In fact, many advertising executives tend to lead their agencies into crisis when trying to win more clients as this process usually drains a lot of morale and resources. But this process doesn’t have to be difficult as you work to convince your esteemed clients and potential customers that you are the best person for the job. We’ll show you 8 things you can do to improve your online advertising pitch and win more clients or pitches whether you have to pitch your ideas to clients or your boss!

1. Do Thorough Pre-Pitch Research

Before you engage in any online advertising activity, it is crucial that you do serious pre-pitch research so that you can fully understand what you are talking about. Ensure that you research your potential clients and learn as much as you can about the industry they are operating in. Keep an eye on how the company you are planning to pitch them is doing, there are plenty of ways to automate this process using social media and Google Alerts, for instance. By really getting to know your potential clients and the industry they are working in you can expect to be more confident in the pitch meeting and your potential clients will see you as an expert who really cares about their needs.

Also, it can really pay off to research about which agency they have worked with before and the projects undertaken previously by the company. This will essentially give you an idea as to what the company is expecting from their advertising agency. One incredibly important factor is to understand how they have previous worked with online advertising. Is this an area that your potential client has experience working with, or is it something new for them? Finding examples of previous online display advertising campaigns they have run can help you see what ideas have worked for them in the past and means that you can present potential clients with fresh ideas for their campaigns.

2. Make the Best First Impression

First impressions in business remain as important as ever. Whether this is a good thing or not, this can be disputed, but it still means that you really need to make that first impression count. Making sure than you are on time and behave in a professional manner are simple yet effective ways to make a good first impression. The right first impression will enable you to create a very good rapport with your clients, remember that you are looking to build a positive working relationship with your client.

3. Communicate Effectively

Before you even get to the pitch stage, it is essential that you efficiently liaise with the potential client and this can only be achieved through effective communication. Even if you are talking regularly with your clients, it doesn’t mean that you are communicating with them. Communicating effectively means that’s you’re asking the right questions and talking the same “language” as your potential client.

If you are lucky enough to win the online advertising pitch, they will definitely expect you to be professional and keep the communication lines open so that you will be able to understand various creative issues as they arise. Remember that your potential clients are looking to work with someone that they can trust and rely upon, as the success of their brand and name is in your hands.

4. Embrace Openness and Transparency

Openness and transparency really matter when it comes to enhancing the success of your advertising agency. Just as you expect your clients to be honest with you so that you are able to understand their needs, you also need to be very honest with them about your work. Transparency is a good thing for business and can help your to grow and maintain a good reputation. Maintaining any level of secrecy on both sides can negatively affect your working relationships along with your reputation.

5. Fulfil Your Client’s Needs

This is very important because the only way you can you can win more clients and retain them in your business is by meeting and exceeding their expectations. In this regard, you are required to first of all understand their needs so that you can know how you will design your online advertising to leave them fully satisfied. Always try to understand what they want and see the bigger picture and this will help you direct your creativity in the right direction.

6. Listen to Your Client

During the advertising pitch, it is very important that you listen properly to the client’s objectives as this will help you to do the best job possible. Sometimes you just need to step back and really listen to their needs and wants so that you can understand where they are coming from. If they have any doubts about the process, it is important that you understand them and offer intelligent responses. By engaging with your clients more, you will be able to build a good rapport and they will always remember you. Even if the client seems to have conflicting views from what you have in mind, don’t just dismiss them but take time to listen first and then explain to them what you think is the best way forward as a professional.

7. Believe in Your Ideas

By believing your ideas, you will give the client a reason to believe in your ability to create a successful online advertising campaign. If you are really sure that your design for an online advertising pitch is what will give your clients their much desired results, don’t hesitate to say it proudly. Prepare yourself well and you will have the necessary confidence to showcase your strengths and even overcome any weaknesses you may have. Throughout the whole process, always ensure that your personality shines through in an outstanding way. Believing in your ideas also means taking responsibility for your decisions too.

8. Use Feedback Constructively

Your advertising pitch may not always be successful, but even when you don’t the feedback given by the client is the most important thing you can take home from the experience. This is because the feedback offers you a unique opportunity to get an honest and truthful opinion about your advertising work as well as how you perform. Consider all the comments made carefully and this will give you an idea of where your advertising agency really stands. By taking these comments and feedback into consideration, you will be able to improve yourself in the future and possibly be in a better position to win more clients.

Final Thoughts

By taking actions that put your client at the focus of your advertising pitch you can expect to expand your client base overtime. You can see that you can improve your pitch to achieve this by:

  • Researching your client and their online advertising campaigns thoroughly;
  • Making a positive and impacting first impression;
  • Maintaining effective communications;
  • Being open and transparent;
  • Fulfilling your client’s needs;
  • Listening to your potential clients;
  • Truly believing in your client’s ideas;
  • Using pitch feedback to improve in the future.
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