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8 useful tips on how to do Easter banner ads right

Easter is fast approaching, and those of you reading this blog are no doubt looking for tips and inspiration for your latest campaign. Come rain, come sunshine, come snöblandat regn (translation: seriously awful weather) it’s time to crack on! Allow us at Bannerflow to provide you with a few pointers on creating awesome Easter online display ads.

1. Select your sizes  

It goes without saying, before beginning any campaign, you need to select the banner types you’ll be using. If you’re going across devices, then you’ll need enough of a variety to gain the CTRs you want to achieve. Going mobile, or in-app? Then select the sizes right for that format.

The guys over at adpiler created this great graphic that details the most popular sizes. Remarkably, three sizes account for 70% of all banner ads produced. The most popular ad sizes being the 320×50 mobile banner (21.9%), 300×250 medium rectangle (34%) and 728×90 leaderboard (13.9%). Try to have the right tools before you even begin. With a platform like Bannerflow it’s easy to scale up, duplicate and publish all the banner sizes you need for your campaign.

2. Incorporate Easter design elements into your banners!

Sounds easy enough but the last thing you want to do is produce something that is busy and obscures your message. A simple solution is to associate your ad via the palette you use. This blog by psprint has a great selection of Easter colour palettes to try out.

You could also include imagery that is associated with Easter. This doesn’t have to mean mean religious symbolism either. Images of brightly coloured eggs, bunny rabbits, and fresh spring flowers like daffodils can provide flavour. Yet, a recent BBDO white paper on banner ads makes a good point: “you have less than 3 seconds to engage and communicate your message to the user. So don’t obscure it with busy imagery and text”. Be careful.

3. Make sure your branding is consistent

It’s a tightrope, but overload your ad with Easter and you’re in for a world of pain. The whole purpose of your banner ad is to get someone to click on your ad…and know what they’re clicking for. The last thing you want is for the viewer to bounce right back. So making sure that your Easter display advertising has branding that is consistent with your previous campaigns is a must!  Ann Smarty, Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, recommends, “the incorporation of your logo somewhere on the ad. A must for anyone promoting a product of any kind. It should be one of the first elements the viewer sees in the ad”. Be sure that your fonts, any principal element needed for the recognition of the brand, is maintained.

4. Target and be local

Being Swedish, Easter is the time of year to dress kids up as witches, and send them off to demand sweets from the neighbours. It’s like Halloween, only at Easter. Did I mention we put feathers on twigs too?  The upshot: different regions celebrate Easter in different ways. While some don’t at all. Make sure that your campaigns communicate with viewers in a way which is relevant to them. For regions that do not celebrate Easter, try a spring-themed campaign instead.

You could also take this moment to embrace the use of programmatic creative. Use it to target different markets and segments. Create versions of banners with subtle copy or graphical alterations, which use analytics to target viewers. This doesn’t have to be too extreme! April, in some countries, is a time of rain showers, so why not adjust your banner ads based on the weather?

5. Keep the copy short

Good copy sells, and the more focused the message, the better. According to Lauren Johnson of Ad Week “people can only process about five words per second”. Then there’s research suggesting that the average viewer only looks at a banner ad for one or two seconds. The result: it’s best to cap the length of copy on banner ads to five or 10 words. By all means insert Easter in your copy but be sure to have a clear call to action.

6. Try creative interactive banners

Using interactive banners can be a great way of drawing the attention of a viewer and getting them to engage. Yet be wary of distracting the viewer or annoying them. Badly designed, or confusing banners, can erode a user’s trust in a brand.

Last year Bannerflow produced its own “Angry Birds” inspired Easter themed interactive banner. A simple game, it used intuitive functionality to grab the viewer’s attention and is a great example of Bannerflow’s own custom widgets.  

7. Use humour

Make’em laugh! Adding humour to your online display advertising can be a great way of holding a viewer’s attention. But be warned! C&EN on its blog makes an excellent point on humour: “If you are going to go this route, make sure you err on the side of witty and clever, rather than dirty and cheap”. Here at Bannerflow we wholeheartedly agree. Remember what one person finds funny, another might cringe at.

One of the best Easter examples we’ve found is this ad by Italian confectionary company Zaini. It’s for coffee flavoured sweets, and does the job nicely. The big bulging chocolate eyes, immediately grab your attention. It’s off-kilter, chocolate, and a features a bunny – what’s not to love?

8. A/B test and optimise your banners

Why not find out which ads are the most effective in your Easter campaign? A/B testing is a great way, early on in a campaign, to find out what works, and what doesn’t. Optimise the effectiveness of all your banners and cull those that aren’t working. Why waste time and money publishing inadequate banners?  No matter how good your results are, they can always be better. If you can, test throughout the campaign.

Interested in testing and want to find out more? Read our fantastic article on A/B testing and how to build it into your campaigns. It’s a great way of optimising your campaigns!


So there you have it, our advice on how to produce the best digital banner advertising this Easter. One final piece of advice, ensure you have the right tools to build your HTML5 display advertising. Use a seriously able platform, like Bannerflow, and you’ll be able to produce campaigns that bring more traffic to your website, and convert.  

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