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9 Things to do Before Launching a Display Ad Campaign

A successful display advertising campaign involves getting a number of elements, such as design and targeting, right. After putting in a lot of hard work, it’s a great feeling when your display advertising campaign finally goes live. However, that feeling is quickly dampened if you realise you’ve forgotten to do something, or have made a mistake once your campaign is live. Here’s a helpful list of things that you do can before launching your next display advertising campaign to guarantee better campaigns.

1. Proofread Creatives

This might be obvious, but before pushing the button to let your display ad campaign go live, see that everything such as the copy is correct on your display ads. If you’re using a agency you will want to  address this issue in good time as it may take a while for the problem to be rectified, but there are opportunities for you to take control of your display advertising campaigns so that you can correct mistakes and update information even when your campaign is live.

2. Check Relevance

Make sure that your display ads are relevant for your target audience. Ensure that all creatives connect with your audience by checking that the creative content and copy is created with your buyer personas in mind. To further check the relevance of your creatives, look back to the strategy of the campaign to see that the creatives are fulfilling the goals of the campaign.

3. Set-up Targeting

Set up the targeting on the advertising network, exchange or DSP that you are using to publishing your display ads. Make sure that the targeting that your are using in the advertising software you are using is correct and will reach your target audience. Keep in mind that targeted ads are nearly twice as effective as non-targeted (pdf), so setting up the targeting correctly is a very important step.

4. Implement Tracking

Setting up the right tracking you need in order to record the correct data can be complicated, so make sure that it has been done before you launch your campaign. Proper set-up of tracking is crucial to in order to prevent any discrepancies between clicks and visits, as well as avoiding incorrect reporting.

5. Arrange Campaign Testing

Before launching your campaign decide what you are going to test and how to test it. Testing display advertising  campaigns is important for creating better campaigns in the future. How will you test creatives and what will you do with the data? There are a range of different tests that you can do which will help you to improve your display advertising campaigns in the future.

6. Test Creative Viewability

For display ads to achieve maximum reach, creatives should show correctly on all devices. The easiest way for  this happens is to produce display ad creatives in HMTL5 so that they display correctly at the optimal size on all devices, including mobile. If the creatives include interactivity such as forms, or even dynamic data be sure to test the banners to see all elements work correctly

7. Check Ad Clickthrough

What happens when someone clicks your display ads once they have clicked on them? Have you also got a great landing page to follow up? Hopefully you have a landing page (which is also optimised for mobile) that is ideal for converting anonymous visitors into leads and customers.

8. Arrange formalities

Don’t let your display advertising campaign fail because of a small technical blip. Plan ahead and see that you have enough impressions available for your ad hosting, and enough budget to run your campaign. If you’re paying by credit card, make sure your information is up to date and there are funds available – don’t risk your campaign being stopped before it starts!

9. Plan check-in time

Before starting your campaign plan some time each day to check how your currently running display advertising campaigns are doing. If you don’t have the time, delegate this job to someone else. By booking in time each day you can monitor your effectively, and you can take action to change something in the campaign if needed.

Final Thoughts

Launching a display campaign can be made a much smoother process by checking that all elements are prepared for launch. Using these tips will guide you to a successful launch,  so you can focus on building your customer base.

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