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9 Ways to Maximize your Retargeting Campaign ROI

Did you know that according to ReTargeter, only 2% of website traffic converts on their first visit to a website!  However, you can reach that 98% who have expressed interest in your product but haven’t yet converted by running retargeting campaigns. Learn how you can run retargeting campaigns, how to make the most out of them and maximize your ROI with this 9 tips.

What is Retargeting and Why it Works

how does retargeting work infographic

Retargeting, as visualised by AdRoll. 

Retargeting, as described by AdRoll, works by keeping track of visitors to your website and displaying your retargeting display advertising creatives as they move around the web and visit other websites. On a technical level, this is done by placing anonymous retargeting “cookies” in the browser of those who visit your website. This enables retargeting platforms such as AdRoll to display retargeting display ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites.

Retargeting is a very effective solution to bringing traffic back to your website because it targets those who have already expressed an interest in your website or product, therefore reaching the right audience. Retargeting also keeps your brand at the top of the mind of those who have previously visited your website so they are less likely to forget who your are. This is especially effective for those who are “window-shopping” and are not ready to engage in contact with you yet. By targeting these window shoppers with retargeting campaigns you give them an easy route back to your website when they are ready to take the next step in the sales process.

Whilst running retargeting campaigns can be very effective, there are different tips you can implement in order to maximize the success and ROI of such campaigns. We’ve outlined 9 of the best campaign hacks below.

1. Know your Audience

With any display advertising campaigns you do, you should know your audience, this also includes retargeting campaigns. By understanding your audience you can create hyper-targeted retargeting display ads that will be irresistible to click.

One great way that you can make your ads super personalised is by showing content that the user has previously viewed or similar content that they might be interested in using dynamic ads.

2. Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience will help your to create more effective display advertising campaigns. It is possible to segment your audience in a variety of different ways, however behavioural retargeting is particularly effective when trying to make the most of your retargeting campaigns. For example, to target someone based on their behaviour, you might very well want to target those who have visited the women’s clothes categories on your website differently to those who have visited the homeware department.

3. Target the Right People

Not only should you know your audience you should know exactly which visitors are worth retargeting. You want to see a return on investment on your campaigns and you can do this by targeting those who are showing signs or completing actions that indicate that they are ready to buy. For example, if someone has been on your pricing page, but hasn’t yet converted then it is a good sign that that are on their way to becoming a customer and might need a little help just to make the final step. Using retargeting to advertise to such a prospect will be a lot more valuable than someone who has only viewed your careers page.

Even if your prospect is not on the verge of purchasing, you can use retargeting to nurture your leads. By using content retargeting you can run retargeting display ad campaigns that help warm up you loads. Again you can use their behaviour to target them based on the pages they have previously visited. This tip is particularly effective in B2B marketing.

4. Offer Something

Asos necklace landing page

New products AND free shipping! Such an attractive offer is sure to help convert visitors into customers (image credit: ASOS)

Just because someone has already been on your website doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer them something. Your display ad creatives still need to be enticing enough for the viewer to return to your website. It is not enough to simply have a creative that reminds the prospect that your brand exists. If the prospect is not quite ready to buy offer them free content to download. If your prospect is close to converting or previously abandoned their shopping cart, you might consider offering a discount code or free shipping in a bid to get them to become your customer. You can use your retargeting campaign ads to convey this offer.

5. Use Frequency Caps

Have you ever had the feeling that ads are following you around the internet and simply refuse to give up? Have you found it irritating? If so, then your potential customers will probably find it annoying too. Most retargeting platforms let you limit the amount of times your ads are shown to someone. ReTargeter recommends setting the frequency cap so that your ads aren’t shown more than 17-20 times to one person. Imposing such a limit is a good way of ensuring that you don’t irritate your potential customers and ruin your campaign efforts.

6. Change-up Your Creatives


Limiting a number of times an ad is shown is a good way to keep prospects happy. To keep prospects engaged consider using rotating your display ad creatives, or updating and tweaking the creatives you’re using so that viewers don’t always feel that they are seeing the same thing again and again. With BannerFlow you can easily update your banners even once they have already been uploaded and published allowing you to make changes whenever you feel that it’s needed.

7. Use Different Channels


Display ads on websites are a great way of retargeting website visitors as they give you the freedom to use animations, images, and call-to-actions to make really effective ads. However, you may also want to consider using other channels to run retargeting campaigns such as social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

8. Upsell and Cross-Sell

Retargeting isn’t just for bringing in new customers, don’t forget that you can also use it to upsell, cross-sell and get customers to buy again, where appropriate. This can be an important channel to reach those who don’t read your emails to inform them of any current campaigns you are running.

9. Test, Test, Test

It is always essential that you test every single campaign you run to help you optimise and cut out any wasted efforts. With retargeting it is the same. You should not only test your creatives, but you should also test your segmentation and campaigns set up to see if you are reaching the right people.

Final Thoughts

Running retargeting campaigns are a great way of marketing to website visitors who have not yet converted. As seen from the tips from above, we can understand that the key to successful retargeting campaigns with a high ROI is to create personalised display ads that target the right people. You can achieve this by:

  • Knowing and understanding your audience so that you can create hyper-targeted creatives;
  • Segmenting your audience into different groups so you can build campaigns that suit their interests;
  • Only target those who are likely to convert into customers;
  • Include an offer that will encourage viewers to click on your display ad and return to your website to make a purchase;
  • Be sure to use frequency caps as not to over-advertise to individuals during your retargeting campaigns;
  • Rotate creatives and use a variety of different channels to keep your campaign fresh and engaging;
  • Remember that retargeting campaigns can be used to upsell and bring back old customers;
  • Always test your display ad creatives and segmentation so that you can improve your campaigns and get the best possible ROI on your campaigns.

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