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Bannerflow is the 10th fastest growing advertising company in Europe

Not only that but Bannerflow is the 8th fastest growing company in Sweden according to the FT.

The Financial Times list comprises the 1,000 fastest-growing companies, selected from 31 European countries. The minimum average growth rate required to be included in the ranking was 16.13%. Bannerflow’s average growth rate was 61.2%!

For CEO, Nicholas Högberg, the ranking shows that Bannerflow’s unique platform is getting noticed: “We’re very happy with the recognition we have received so far this year and our place on the inaugural Financial Times FT1000 list is the icing on the cake! Being one of the fastest growing companies in Europe is big but being tenth out of all advertising companies is fantastic! To grow the company organically since we were founded in 2010, without the need of any external financing, is something we are especially proud of. We’re obsessed with our mission to simplify the extremely complex digital marketing landscape and we look forward to continue growing with our customers for many years to come.”

The selection of the FT1000 list is based on a company’s revenue growth, and number of employees. Companies on the list must have had revenues of at least €100,000 in 2012, and generated at least €1.5 million in 2015. While those featured must also be independent and not a subsidiary.

For more details on the methodology see the complete list on the Financial Times website.

Top 15 companies in the advertising sector:
  1.  Cidewise (Poland)
  2. Brainlabs (UK)
  3. Ve Interactive (UK)
  4. Adxperience (France)
  5. Madgic (France)
  6. Marqeting (the Netherlands)
  7. Adyoulike (France)
  8. Massarius (the Netherlands)
  9. Widespace (Sweden)
  10. Bannerflow (Sweden)
  11. Lineup Systems (UK)
  12. SuperAwsome (UK)
  13. Adcash (Estonia)
  14. Peak Ace (Germany)
  15. 3W (Italy)
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