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Bannerflow conference 2017: Sandhamn

The Bannerflow conference began in slightly ominous fashion. After all it’s never a good sign when you’re asked to meet at mysterious location and await instructions. And then take a journey on a rickety boat deep into a foggy Stockholm archipelago! But that’s exactly what team Bannerflow did last Thursday.

Bannerflow adventure

Travelling through the mist and cold we journeyed to our top secret conference. So secret we couldn’t bribe the organiser to find out any details of the trip – let alone who our room buddy was. When we arrived – boy were we in for a treat. Sandhamn turned out to be one of most idyllic places you could imagine in the Stockholm archipelago. It was perfect. It was amble reward for our achievements from the past year and a place to think about where we go next.

Sandhamn view

In the last year we’ve almost double in size, featuring in the FT1000 lists of fastest growing companies. But we want to do more, go further! That means keeping to our roots and embracing our unique heritage. So to hear to the story of Bannerflow from our founders was pretty inspirational. We’ve only ever heard snippets, so listening to the real nitty gritty of what it took to get where we are today was interesting.

Bjorn talks about programatic creative

One of the best moments of the two days was Bjorn Kalstrom going through how the platform is making a real difference to our customers. Programmatic Creative is something that we all know is big in digital advertising but to hear how Bannerflow is changing how brands work is impressive. Knowing that thousands of inhouse teams are benefiting from a new way of working was satisfying.

Of course no work conference is complete without the obligatory team building exercise. We had a few but perhaps the best took place on the first day. It involved transversing the island and much adventure – plus unique videos, which shall hopefully never see the light of day! Below is the winning team, a member of which, I may add, is one of our founders Daniel Jacobsson.

Bannerflow winning with founder

After a satisfying sauna session and spa most of Bannerflow was ready for a night of festivities. The kind of which I would love to go into great detail about but will keep to a brief description: much merriment.

The Bannerflow conference 2017 began as a mystery and ended bathed in sunlight. After all, it is our mission to demystify the world of online advertising! And last year we helped achieve a little bit more to get to our endgame. There is of course much, much more to do; and you’ll be hearing about that in the coming months!

Thanks to the whole Bannerflow team, our hosts in Sandhamn and everyone who organised the conference. Here’s to next year!

Bannerflow wins

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