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Best banner ads: a spotlight on remarkable advertising

The best banner ads are a combination of different elements.  In the simplest of terms, great online advertising not only needs to capture a viewer’s attention but get them to click-through to a dedicated landing page. If a conversion follows then let the good times roll!

Many of the best banner ads are the resulting product of creative minds using an awesome design platform. Here are few examples of the very best banner ads around that do just that…


First on our best banner ad list is this striking display ad by Hallon of Sweden. Hallon are a relatively young mobile phone brand and have a history of using elements of “fun” in their branding. Whether through the use of their bubble-like logo, or as in this banner through the act of celebrating.

The looping semi-transparent background video makes it seem as if the viewer is looking through the window of a happy Hallon customer. The big bold copy for “REA!” (sale in Swedish), helps explain why the woman in the video is so excited. While the copy, graphical elements, and colours of the deal graphic, are all appealing and on-message.


With a striking palette of black, red, and white, Ladbrokes Belgium’s HTML5 banner ad for the Mayweather Vs. McGregor is a knockout. With copy that is simple and to-the-point, the message is clear. The pacing of the frames is good. Plus, the addition of the flash just before the appearance of Mayweather is similar to that of a flash bulb going off.

The last frame’s call to action stands out in fluorescent green. The contrast grabbing the viewers’ attention.

MSC Cruises

So how do you convey the luxury of a warm and relaxing cruise? Well, MSC Cruises have done just that with the above ad, and Bannerflow’s very own Product Specialist, Jamal Morris, sums it up nicely. “The combination of video and static works together to create a campaign that’s bigger than the sum of each part”. It’s an excellent example of how to use static elements with in-banner video.

What makes this one of our best banner ads is how MSC Cruises have taken their video advertising from other channels and used it in-banner. Rather than force it, the short video merges with the ocean colours of the rest of the banner. It also helps to rotate the viewer’s eye to the sand-like CTA.


Next on the best banner ad list is this one produced by Three in Sweden. Like the majority of the ads featured on this list it’s designed using a creative management platform (CMP). It’s also one of many different sizes published for a particular campaign.

What we like about this ad is the optimising of the video, space, and CTA position for the leaderboard style of the banner. In fact, the Three campaign uses the same video and copy across the entire campaign, with variations created for different devices thanks to easy production via a CMP. By doing this Three can reach individual viewers dynamically with optimised banners.


The beauty of combining display advertising with data feeds is the sheer number of opportunities this hook-up provides. Take this bwin banner for the German football league. It’s utterly clear and works a treat.

Incorporating the colours of the bwin brand, it simply offers punters the latest odds for the games that are being played in the league. Not only that but if offers viewers the chance to fill-out a betting slip too.

According to Bannerflow Product Specialist, Travis Isaacson, “the simplicity is being able to bet directly on a match – in-banner. This shortens the time spent placing the bet, and more time focusing on the match. For the consumer, knowing that this banner is live, equates to also getting the best odds.” There’s no messing around. Viewers can be converted quickly and the content of the banner refreshed frequently.


Casumo have a great brand, which is essential in the ultra-competitive iGaming sector. Key to its success is maintaining a clear theme across all its advertising – including online display.

So what makes this particular banner work? It’s the incorporation of an animated character from their previous campaigns. The well-placed HTML5 animation, which dances across above copy, draws the eye, and emphasises the cute CTA.

Saxo Bank

This 300×600 “half page” banner ad from Saxo Bank is a good example of how to build a message using rich media. It uses a combination of frames, video, and well-timed copy to grab the viewer’s attention, then crank-up the urgency of a message, which cannot be ignored.

It’s worth nothing that according to AdSense the 300×600 banner is considered visually impactful and preferred by more and more brand advertisers. It’s also one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions.

Color Line

This banner by Norwegian ferry company Color Line is beautiful. It is an excellent example of how HTML5 animation and design can be combined to create something simple, yet eye catching. The different design elements work in harmony with one another, creating a typical summer postcard-like feel – instantly recognisable to the intended viewer.

What’s more this particular banner set is part of a campaign that works across all sizes, from the smallest mobile screen to the very biggest desktop. All have the same strong animation and design, all optimised for working across all devices thanks to Bannerflow.

Best banner ads: final thoughts

So there you have it, some of the best banner ads around.

Whether it’s innovative use of video, embracing HTML5, or using feeds well, each banner shows the flexibility of digital display.

One last thing… All of these banners were built using a creative management platform. What’s that you ask? It’s a one-stop-shop for all your display advertising needs. From banner building to optimisation, to translating and media buying. With a CMP like Bannerflow you don’t need additional coding knowledge to produce video banners.

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