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8 ways to create effective HTML5 Black Friday banner ads

Black Friday was once an exclusively American shopping day, it has since evolved into a huge global event. The kind of event where brands and consumers alike go mad for discounts. Indeed, spend for last year reached upwards of $682.0 billion.

We’re certain you’re aware that this is an important date on the advertising calendar, but do you know on the best way to capitalise? Or the most efficient way to apply your advertising spend?

How do you, as an agile marketer, effectively market for Black Friday? Ultimately, standardised display ads that lack eye-catching design or enticing offers will fail to resonate with viewers. And with events such as these, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Yet, if you follow our simple rules you can create ads that convert.


Black Friday feeds and dynamic creative 



Product feeds will be your greatest ally when it comes to Black Friday banners. Linked directly to your product lists, you can display all the latest goods and offers to thousands of viewers.

Experiment with dynamic creative too. If you adjust design and copy to each segment then you’re more likely to convert viewers. For instance, advertise your latest football boots to sporting fans, or show discounts on camping equipment to outdoor enthusiasts.

Seems obvious? You’d be surprised at the difference a simple change of creative and message can make to your return on investment. When asked, 38% of consumers said they prefered relevant advertising that was tailored to their preferences and shopping habits.

Rich media 



Experiment with different formats and interactive features. Encourage viewers to engage with your content. For example, you could include a carousel banner to display a range of products or offers to your viewers.  

Better yet, why not add a countdown to your banner to instil that sense of urgency among consumers? As we say here at Bannerflow, rich media brings rewards.



In-banner video can be used in a variety of ways. In our example banner, we used it as a background feature. But videos can be also the banner itself, with a CTA button as a final frame.

Statistics have shown that display adverts that feature video experience higher CTR than those without. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process either. With a creative management platform (CMP) you can display videos in-banner, across channels.

A/B test


The importance of A/B testing cannot be overstated. In fact, we talk about A/B testing on a regular basis. Something as simple as changing the colour of your call-to action (CTA) button can increase your CTR by as much as 161%.  

You can experiment with your banners by changing up the imagery, copy, CTA, as well as many others. Have a look at our guide to A/B testing here.  

Every second counts with your Black Friday banners so make sure to check your analytics in real-time. Make adjustments and select winners from your A/B testing in the lead up to the event and watch your results soar on the day itself.


Retargeted banners experience higher conversion rates than those without. To tackle high cart abandonment rates make sure you plan your pixel implementation accordingly. Map your user journeys from awareness through to purchasing.  


Format and size 

Now more than ever it’s important to optimise your ad for mobile. Especially if you work on a global scale. Data from last year’s Black Friday showed that Smartphones generated 26.0% of revenue. And those numbers increase exponentially if you look at figures for Singles Day in China.

Optimise across devices to capture the attention of viewers on this increasingly important channel.


If you work in multiple markets, it’s important to localise your message. Previously, the difficulties surrounding coordinating with multiple translators across numerous spreadsheets made translating tedious and often riddled with errors.

Use a translation management tool. Better yet if you use a creative management platforms (CMPs), you can create versions, approve, and collaborate with translators with ease.   

Even if the copy remains in English, something as simple as changing the currency can make your advert infinitely more appealing. If a viewer no longer has to calculate conversion rates themselves it can make the difference between consideration to purchasing.

Moment marketing 

Experiment with moment marketing, and micro-moment marketing. It can seem like an insurmountable task to stay on top of the latest trends across social, search, email, and display. But studies have shown that staying hyper-relevant in your campaigns is a sure way to increase brand awareness.

Don’t limit yourself to the occasional tweet or hashtag on your Instagram feed. For banner ads, it can be as a simple as using a widget to add weather relevant additions. Switch out creative in minutes with real-time adjustments.

In Black Friday terms, this can be an easy way of adjusting a campaign from Black Friday to Cyber Monday with a simple change of the copy. Stay on top of holiday dates with minimal effort.


If you follow these simple guidelines it can be easy to create ads that stand out from static, standardised banners. In fact, these tips aren’t exclusive to Black Friday or event-oriented campaigns. Apply them to your everyday banners and you can create effective direct response ads.

If you would like to know more about how a creative management platform can help you optimise your banners, get in contact with us.


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