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Creative Black Friday Banner Ad Inspiration

Black Friday is coming! Countdown banner created with Bannerflow.

Black Friday is one of the biggest e-commerce events of the year, not only in North America, but across the world. With millions of people starting their holiday shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is a perfect (but competitive) time for marketers and advertisers to launch their best display advertising campaigns.

We’ve put together some creative HTML5 banners ads made with the BannerFlow banner builder to demonstrate that creative Black Friday banners ads can be created by anyone, without having to write a single line of code!

1. It’s raining sales!

This weather-inspired Black Friday banner has been created using a variety animations in combination with the rain effect widget from Bannerflow Marketplace. Despite the Black Friday colour theme, the banner is still eye-catching through the use of animations and transitions.

2. The final countdown

Build up anticipation to the biggest shopping event of the year with this countdown banner! The countdown clock is created with a purpose built BannerFlow widget. Simply drag the widget onto your banner and choose the date you want to count down to.

3. You’re a winner!

Use this widget in the Bannerflow Marketplace to turn your banner into an interactive scratch card! Engage with viewers in a totally new way by allowing them to use their mouse or finger to reveal content such as special offers and discounts! Test out the banner yourself by hovering over the banner to scratch and reveal!

Ready to start building creative HTML5 banner ads for Black Friday? Apply for your free premium trial today, or contact our team for a demo of the Bannerflow platform!

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