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What on earth is Green Monday, and why does it matter to marketers?

Whenever anyone mentions Green Monday, the most common response is “what?!”, or maybe a slightly confused look. We already have Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, so what on earth is Green Monday?

Let’s start with a little back story. First there was Black Friday, which used to be predominantly an American day, purely because it’s always the Friday after Thanksgiving. It started as a huge in store sales day, as it falls on a public holiday, and is a few weeks before Christmas.

Fast-forward a few years, and it has become a worldwide phenomenon. The sales are crazy, but the consumers go even crazier, as a quick YouTube search will show…

It’s the biggest shopping day of the year by some distance, and it’s always a good idea to take advantage of this by having an ad campaign that pushes it.

Then there was Cyber Monday. Black Friday for the digital age. This falls on the Monday after Black Friday, and almost all major e-commerce sites run a campaign around that, again with offers that you wouldn’t see at any other time of the year.

It’s the second biggest shopping day of the year, in terms of online revenue, and has huge value for companies and consumers alike.

Which brings us to the latest in an apparently endless list of big shopping days: Green Monday.

This falls on the second Monday in December, and was originally coined back in 2007 by eBay. They used the term to describe their best sales day in December and the phrase was used for two reasons. Firstly, green meant revenue for the company. Second, eBay like to market themselves as green, as the company is built on people selling second hand goods, or in a kinder light, recycling.

The name stuck, and today all the big retailers are getting involved, seeing it as one last chance to boost the Christmas revenue, whilst still being able to get their deliveries out on time. This is vital at this time of year, as reducing families to tears at the Christmas tree could seriously damage your brand reputation.

The sales tend to be a little more toned down than the sheer insanity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it’s still important to make the most of this third huge shopping day which is gaining more traction with each passing year. So what should you be looking to do? Here are a few hints to give your revenues a boost.

1. Advertise Green Monday!

Your pre Christmas ad campaigns should already have fantastic, festive designs and be converting views into customers, but around the big sales days you really need to highlight that you’re taking part.

Having this name attached to a specific day, alongside the fact that it’s getting more popular every year, means as soon as someone sees the words ‘Green’ and ‘Monday’ together at this time of year, they know there are going to be exclusive, one-time offers on products that they just might be interested in.

Take advantage of this by making sure it’s present on your own ads in the days leading up to Green Monday.

Shopping dates

2. Show spectacular offers!

It’s no good just saying you’re having a Green Monday sale, you need to back it up with amazing discounts and offers. Look at what your competitors are doing, and try to beat them. Stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other e-shops by making offers your audience can’t refuse. As long as you’re still making a bit of profit too, of course.

3. Hype it up!

It’s the third biggest shopping day of the year, and it keeps getting bigger. Use your ads to generate some hype. Look at your biggest, most desired items, and maybe tease that they will be on offer when the day comes.

You could even have silhouettes of these items, with a countdown to the day itself. The call to action could then be a ‘notify me’ type of button, where they give their details so you can send out a mailshot when the time comes.

That way, they’re getting what they want, and you’re getting another email subscriber and potential customer.

There are plenty of other tips on how to boost your seasonal sales elsewhere in our blog, but for this particular day, the three above should serve you very well.

Coming Soon?

So what’s the next big shopping day? Well, there’s already one that’s absolutely massive, and pulled in more money online than Black Friday in some parts of the world just a couple of years ago. “What?!”, I hear you cry, wondering how such a massive day for online retail has managed to sneak under your radar.

Well, unless you’re based in China, not knowing about this one is totally understandable. It’s called Singles Day, and falls on the 11th of November…or 11/11. You see what they did there?

All the ones. Singles. Singles day. It’s totally made up, as all of these big retail days are, but this one started as students celebrated being single on this very day, back in 1993.

It was meant to be a day where the singles of the world (or China, specifically), celebrated by treating themselves, and why not?

Animated gif saying treat yourself

Couples and families have the monopoly on every other day, so it’s about time singles got their own day.

Then in 2009, the e-commerce giant Alibaba decided to start a huge campaign based around the fictional holiday, offering huge discounts on a massive range of products. The timing was perfect, as their sales soared, and continued to do so year after year on the same day.

Now they have turned it into a massive e-shopping event, with an entire website and TV spot dedicated to building the hype. You can read more about the incredible events of a couple of years ago here, but they managed to get Kevin Spacey AND Daniel Craig (James Bond!) to take part, which is pretty amazing.

So, how long until the western world latches on to this one? Maybe, just maybe, you could be one of the first?

Do I need to run campaigns for these special days?

Need is a strong word, but if you want to be seen in this shopping season, then the answer is yes. Particularly for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you should also look into Green Monday and Singles day, as not as many other companies run campaigns around these so you can really stand out.

I know what you’re thinking. The thought of designing and implementing 4 separate ad campaigns seems daunting, but it doesn’t need to be!

With Bannerflow, it’s really simple to design and publish an entire banner campaign. It takes a fraction of the time it would to do it manually, and you can edit each banner without the need to republish. This means, if you want to, for each of these days you can use the same basic ads, but edit the theme to suit each day.

Even better than that, you can use the Bannerflow Targeting Module, which means different users will see different ads, based on their browsing behaviours. You can find out more about that here.

It’s not too late to get these campaigns running either. Just design some great ads, schedule them to be displayed on the right dates, and watch as your revenues soar on these supersized shopping days.

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