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How to Make Banner Ads for Valentine’s Day

Soon it is time again for Valentine’s Day, and one of the things any ad designer knows is that it is important to make Valentines Day banner ads that reflect this important seasonal occasion!

Do not worry if you haven’t created your banners yet, as you know BannerFlow makes it very easy for you to create the world’s biggest advertising campaign in one hour. Just follow these simple rules and enjoy creative and daring Valentines Day advertisements.

1. Make banners: Understand your target audience

valentines day banner ads absolut vodka
Absolut banner ad – I Love you – Valentine’s Day

How often did you see an advertisement and think that it was just not related to what you needed? If people feel that you help them right there where they need it they are more likely to click on your banners and will buy. If you make a banner ad for Valentines Day it must show that your product or services fulfill the need or desire in the life of your audience. It is the best to call out to their wants. The design of your banner ads should focus on a relatable issue and your products and services should serve as the solution.

This means to identify and understand your target audience of your banner campaign. You as the designer or marketer need to make sure that you walk in the customer’s shoes and that the ad design features situations they can relate to. When you succeed with that you can start to connect your message to Valentines Day. Here are some perfect examples of other Valentines Day ads.

Ad example 1: McDonalds France

valentines day banner ads mcdonalds proposal

Ad example 2: Valentines Pleasure with Durex

valentines day banner ad durex


Ad example 2: Skiddle Restaurants Square 300×250

valentines day banner ad skiddle

Ad example 3: Wurst – What most fits together belongs together

valentines day banner ad wurst

2. Make banners: Choose the right colour scheme

valentines day banner ad colors

The use of the right colour in Valentine’s images is a strong point and will strengthen the romantic power of your banner ads. There are many tools our there which will help you to find nice colour schemes. My personal favorite is since they provide you a wide area of topics for all kind of your needs and let you search for colours and show similar ones. They even provide color schemes for valentines day for your banners ads.

valentines day banner ad colors red and pink


3. Make banners: Choose a flowery font type

valentines day banner ad fonts pink

As well as other design elements banner ads need a font type which relate to the emotions involved in Valentine’s Day. Often curly or script-like fonts are used to reach this effect. Therefore choose a nice curly, ornate or flowery like font type for your banner. It might seem strange to think that you can portray romance easily with a font but it can really improve your click-through rate. Check our these Valentine’s Day fonts if you want to make banners ads.

4. Make banners: Choose imagery with flower power

valentines day banner ad flowers

Credits: / DavidGoh

During the last decade, the human brain got trained to connect certain shapes, colours and images to relate to Valentine’s Day. It sounds silly, but what is more related to Valentine’s Day than hearts? If this fits your branding it might be the right choice for you to use these shapes when you make banner ads. Other typical shapes are teddy bears, champagne glasses, kisses or flowers like roses. A very common present on Valentine’s Day is for example flowers. Even chocolate, dinner invitations or jewelry are very traditional gifts. Why not use connections for your banner design? This will make it easier for your audience to catch the topic and connect to the emotions related to the event. And it will let you use similar colours. Istockphotos has a nice collection of holiday shapes and even provides you with some more topics and shapes.

Need To Get It Right The First Time?

As you can see from the above examples, there is a lot to learn in making a banner ad for valentines day. If you need to get it right the first time, or don’t feel you have the internal experience or capacity to build it, check out BannerFlows ad creator and then contact us to find out if we’d be a fit to help you.

Last Thoughts to make banners perfect

Thank you for joining me here in this article. I want to make it as easy for you to get in and learn and apply the ideas as others can, so if you have any requests or feedback, please contact me or leave a comment on this page.

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