Inside Bannerflow | 01 MIN READ

Platform updates: live campaign overview, email notifications and brand navigation

We have some product updates to share with you that enhance the Bannerflow platform.

bannerflow update live campagin view

Get a better overview of your live campaigns

See exactly which banner sets are “live” at a glance with this new addition, giving you a faster overview of what’s already running.

Improved collaboration with email notifications on comments

Want to know when someone has commented on a banner set? You can now activate email notifications for when a colleague has commented on your work. Meaning you can see their feedback direct from your inbox.

Admin users can access this feature by going to account > users and editing the user settings.

Easy navigation between brands

Working with multiple brands in Bannerflow? You can now change and select the brand you want to work with easily from the top menu.

Ready to get started with these updates? Just log in to your Bannerflow account to try them out, or apply for a premium trial if you would like to find out more about how Bannerflow can save you time and money when it comes to digital advertising.

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