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Platform updates: new user journey!

Bannerflow has a new user journey. This new streamlined user interface removes an extra click, and unnecessary complexity from the platform. Whether updating an existing banner set, or creating a new landing page, moving around the platform is now simpler.

Long term, we’re set to add loads of great new features and products. In creating this new user journey our intention is to future proof  the platform and provide our customers with the very best in user experience.

Welcome view

First up, you’ll probably noticed there’s no dashboard when you login in to Bannerflow. But fear not! We’ve take the best from the old dashboard and made it better.

You’re greeted with our new welcome view that shows the most recent object you were working on, as a user, rather than as a brand account. Plus, this information is now always accessible in the new top navigation. From here you can access everything you’ve been working on – not only your latest banner sets!

Account settings / Custom view

We’ve added more settings to users’ accounts too. You can now set your own default brand in Bannerflow. You can also select your own default product and view. Or, you can choose to land in the view and brand where you were working in your last Bannerflow session.

Settings menu

Getting to the settings menu in Bannerflow has just got that much easier. The settings menu is now always accessible in the new top navigation for admin users. This means that all account management is in one place across the entire platform.

The brand picker

Also accessible in the new top navigation is the platform’s new “brand picker”. Available across all of Bannerflow’s various views , this option allows users to quickly move to the brand they need to get to. Now changing brands can be done on the same page, without the need for further clicks.


Finally, we’ve enhanced Bannerflow’s help offering. The new user journey sees the help menu – like other improvements  – always accessible to users in the top navigation.

What’s more Bannerflow help now offers direct navigation to our knowledge base. And, if more help is required, there’s the additional option of contacting us directly via chat.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made to the Bannerflow platform. Any issues, or questions, please get in touch with us.

Look out for more new features and products in the near future!

Team Bannerflow

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