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Programmatic Advertising Campaigns: 5 Useful Tips

Programmatic buying and online display advertising automate the process of buying, placing, and optimising ads. No longer do companies have to put together ads and call companies to ask for advertising space. Instead, the automated buying processes that go into programmatic advertising are intended to save companies money and time. However, before you launch that ad campaign using programmatic techniques, you will want to do a little research and prepare yourself with these tips.

1. Ensure the Safety of Your Ad

The last thing you want is for your ad to run next to questionable content. When selecting a programmatic buying partner, investigate the various safety options. Some display advertising programs offer white and black lists as a way to control the types of content that will appear next to your ad. In fact, you can block entire groups of websites. Another common problem concerning ad safety is ad fraud. This is where you have paid for your advertisement to appear, but it doesn’t. The most important thing to keep in mind here is the reputability of the company you are using to place your ads.

2. Target Your Ad Carefully

Determine ahead of time who the target audience is. This is especially important when it comes to creating automated campaigns. If you target your ad properly, it will appear in front of those most likely to purchase your products or services. If you are too broad or specific, you could miss valuable advertising opportunities and thus spend money unnecessarily. One thing you can do to ensure your ad gets to the right people is create buyer personas before launching a programmatic advertising campaign. Doing so helps you visualize the people most likely to click through an ad to purchase from you.

3. Test Run Your Ad

Be sure to test your advertisement out before you pay big money for programmatic buying ads. Try your ad out in more traditional arenas, do A/B testing, and keep your initial run budget small. Before you invest a lot of time and money into display advertising, ensure that you understand whether it will be feasible for you, or you could end up losing. Test the content, the delivery, and even the audience to determine who is most responsive and eager to purchase whatever it is you’re selling. Naturally, you will want to pump your efforts and budget into where you will get the highest return on your investment.

4. Monitor Your Analytics

You will not know what sectors your ad is most successful in, or where you should allocate more of your programmatic advertising budget, unless you keep tabs on your analytics. It is critical that you know your numbers! You can garner valuable insights. Is your ad performing well among 18-25 year olds, providing you with a demographic of customers you did not know existed? Great! Invest more money in that campaign. However, perhaps you will want to pull back advertising where it just is not working. Save the budget for the areas where you will get definite results, and do more of that.

5. Take the Time To Learn More

Take as much time as you need to effectively research online display advertising best practices. Knowledge is power, and there’s a lot of information out there. Take full advantage of your partner in programmatic buying and advertising. Read every piece of information offered, and sign up for free webinars. You’ll be glad you did.

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