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Think Global, Act Local: 6 Ideas for Localized Banner Campaigns

Whether your business is global or based in one country, make sure that you pay attention to localising your display advertising campaigns for more personal, targeted and better-converting campaigns. We’ll show you how you can build localised banner campaigns that you can create in a scalable way.

1. Translated Banners

If you’re advertising in different countries of have regional language variations be sure to use translations in your online display advertising campaigns. If you’re building campaigns manually, creating the same banners in a variety of different languages will be a big job, but worth the effort in order to communicate with your audience in their own language. You can simplify this task and make multi-language campaigns scalable with BannerFlow’s translations feature.

2. Location-Based Images

Different images and graphics will work more or less effectively based on the location that they are shown in. Therefore you might consider using different image variants or even totally different banners in order to optimise your banners in all the locations that you advertise in. For example, if your product has different regional variants you might want to show the specific product or offer for that region.

Alternatively, you might find that images of blue cars work very effectively on your banners in some countries, whereas images of red cars perform a lot better in other countries. Rather than limiting your campaign to one banner creative that will only be effective in some regions, build a whole campaign of different banner variants that you know will work in different locations.

Further, the more campaigns that you run in different countries, the more data you will be able to collect which will be able to help you to further optimise your campaigns. BannerFlow allows your to create location-based variations of your banners without even having to build new versions, making the process fast, effective and scalable.

3. Local Currency

If you are show prices on your banners, include the local currency on your banners, rather than just the currency they work in. This will allow the viewer to see the true cost of the products on the banners in a currency which they are used to dealing with.

4. Landing Pages

To make your localised display advertising campaigns really effective, it is essential that your landing page follows through with the views expectations. Therefore, to gain maximum effect, translate your landing pages into the languages of all the markets you are advertising in. For example, if you have translated your banners into Spanish, then they landing page that is linked to the banner should also be translated into Spanish. This will create a sense of continuity in your overall campaigns and could help reduce bounce rates on your landing pages.

5. Geo-Targeting Technology

Use networks and publishing platforms to target your audience based on their location. You can target people based on their location, or even get even more local and target people based on which town or region they are in. Use geo-targeting technology to help craft specific offers for that location. This is a particularly helpful tool if you also have brick and mortar stores that you want to draw people in that area too.

6. Celebrate Local Holidays

Really get to know your audience by checking out holidays that are celebrated locally. This could be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of unexploited marketing opportunities and drive extra business during that time, as well as keeping up with local competition in the area. Build specific banners to promote your offers for that holiday and research which popular motifs or greetings are used for that holiday so that you can incorporate them into your design.

Final Thoughts

It is certainly possible to build localised campaigns whilst at the same time making them scalable. By focusing your campaigns on being localised, it is possible to make your campaigns more relevant to viewers by having a location focus by:

  • Use translations to reach your audience in their own language;
  • Change images to fit regional trends and variations;
  • Uses local currencies;
  • Build landing pages that a localised to the different regions;
  • Use geo-targeting technologies to reach your audience in different areas and regions;
  • Research the countries and regions that you are planning to advertise in so that you can tailor your campaigns to coincide with local holidays.
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