Marketing | 06 MIN READ

Advertising Trends 2018: What you need to know

Advertising trends: what are they and what’s on the horizon?  Yes, it’s that time again. When the new year is fast approaching, and workers in trendy offices are thinking about future c...
Design | 08 MIN READ

8 ways to create perfect HTML5 Christmas banner ads

Creating perfect Christmas banner ads should be easy. It’s something those of us in the display advertising business strive for! But every year there are plenty of ads that fail. They eith...
Marketing | 06 MIN READ

Are weak offers undermining strong display ads?

Where’s the Beef? Display ad campaigns easily fall victim to the same problem that afflicts many web design projects — too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on substance, like offe...
Inside Bannerflow | 02 MIN READ

Platform updates: new user journey!

Bannerflow has a new user journey. This new streamlined user interface removes an extra click, and unnecessary complexity from the platform. Whether updating an existing banner set, or crea...
Marketing | 06 MIN READ

7 of the greatest Father’s Day ads in the world

If inspiring Father’s Day ads are what you crave then read on my friend. Unsurprisingly, Father’s Day doesn’t have the same impact as Mother’s Day, but it is still a golden opportuni...
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